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Systemic and Topical Antiinfectives
Flunazol Tablets : Fluconazole 50mg &150mg
Flunazol Oral Suspension : Fluconazole 50mg/5ml
Flunazol Gel : Fluconazole 0.5%

Flunazol is an anti-fungal drug effective in the treatment and the prevention of fungal infections of the vagina, mouth, throat, esophagus, abdomen, lungs, blood and other organs.


Flunazol  50mg is available in 10 caps per box.
Flunazol 150mg is available in 1 cap per box.
Flunazol oral suspension is available in 35ml bottle.
Flunazol gel is available in a 20g tube.

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Laminox Tablets : Terbinafine hydrochloride 250mg
Laminox Cream : Terbinafine hydrochloride 1 %

Laminox  tablets is indicated for the treatment of fungal infections of the toenail and fingernail. It also treats skin fungal infections.

Laminox cream is indicated for the treatment of skin fungal infections (such as athlete's foot and tinea). Laminox cream also relieves itching and burning, cracking and scaling of  infected skin.

Laminox tablets
is available in 14 tablets per pack.
Laminox cream is available in a 15g tube.

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Ketonaz Tablets : Ketoconazole 200mg
Ketonaz Shampoo : Ketconazole 2%

Ketonaz shampoo is used to control flaking, scaling and itching of the scalp caused by dandruff.

Ketonaz tablets is used for the treatment of fungal infections that can spread in the body through  blood flow (such as yeast infections of the mouth, skin, urinary tract and blood). It also treats skin and nails infections.

Ketonaz shampoo is available in a 100ml bottle.
Ketonaz tablets is available in 7 tablets per box.


Miconazole Nitrate 2%

Miconazole oral gel is indicated for the treatment and prevention of fungal infections of the mouth, throat and intestine.

Miconaz topical gel is indicated to treat fungal infections of nails and the skin such as Athlete's foot.

Miconaz oral and topical gels are available  in tubes of 30g.
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