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Quality Assurance

Pharmaline has established and continues to maintain an effective documented Quality Management System designed and implemented to fulfill the requirements of international standards and Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP). At Pharmaline, the implementation of our Quality Management System and all other quality-related decisions fall under the jurisdiction of the company's Quality Assurance Unit, which is our highest authority.

We recognize that quality, in the pharmaceutical sense, is a result of many factors. It is not enough for a batch to pass a series of tests. Quality is also determined by conditions on the premises, the efficiency of the equipment and procedures and the standard of materials used. We also recognize that services, documentation and personnel involved directly or indirectly in the manufacturing process are party equally to a successful outcome.

We view quality as our collective responsibility. We are committed as a team to our policy of Total Quality which guarantees that we conscientiously adhere to high standards in product, personnel and service.