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Pharmaline's commitment to human health and welfare is best illustrated through its Research and Development Division.

Our development process is carried out using a whole host of state-of-the-art equipment and is applied within international standards specified in the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) & Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) guidelines and as defined by the World Health Organization. The process includes: development, testing for strength, safety, efficacy, stability and bioavailability.

The quality of the products meets regulatory requirements and our own stringent internal standards and specifications.

Our formulations are adapted to the patient & market needs ie: Sugar free, Alcohol free, Colorant free,….etc

Bioequivalence Studies

Pharmaline collaborates with academic institutions and private CRO's for conducting bioequivalence studies carried out in accordance with the guidelines on Good Clinical practice GCP and with ethical standards for Human Experimentation established by the declaration of Helsinki.

The objective of these studies is to prove that Pharmaline products are equivalent to the reference product thus are interchangeable.

Multiple bioequivalence studies have been carried out by private institutions with a concern for public health in order to validate the therapeutic efficiency of Pharmaline products. As a result, universities and hospitals involved in these bioequivalence and clinical studies have stated, through published articles, that Pharmaline branded generics are therapeutically equivalent to international brands.