At Pharmaline, we put as much care into the community in which we operate as we do in the formulation of our products.
Since our plant is ISO 14001 certified, we are continuously committed to the preservation of the environment. In doing so, we are dedicated to:

  • Complying with internal and external regulations, standards and requirements.
  • Applying practices and control technologies that minimize pollution.
  • Reducing gas emissions.
  • Adopting 3Rs: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.
  • Improving our environmental management system.
  • Taking corrective action when necessary.
We are ISO 14001 certified for environmental management system
Quality for Professionals & Integrated Sustainability in Healthcare System
Pharmaline believes in the continued education of the healthcare sector. As such, we have developed programs that offer healthcare professionals in the public and private sectors quality knowledge and expertise in the pharmaceutical sciences.

Pharmaline’s commitment to improve quality of life naturally led us to implement this CSR program. As a culture and leading Lebanese pharmaceutical company,  we believe that it is our mission to share our experience and to develop and support initiatives that benefit those who are directly concerned and the community at large.

These programs were conducted in collaboration with The Lebanese University and were attended by healthcare professionals from the public and private sectors.

Our responsibility to patients

At Pharmaline, our primary concern is to ensure the availability and accessibility of quality cost-effective treatments which, we believe, improves and increases patients’ adherence to prescribed therapy.

In line with our patient-centric approach, Pharmaline’s medicaments packages are designed to be easy to use for all categories of patients.

Our responsibility to employees

  • We design and implement emergency preparedness procedures and drills for accident, fire, spills, first aid measures, etc...
  • We appoint a doctor and set up physical examinations to determine whether a person has a potential condition that would create a problem.
  • We provide employees with instructions manuals explaining how to use materials, products or to perform an activity.
  • We implement root cause analysis system to identify failure and correct deficiencies
  • We put into effect  standard protocols and procedures so that activities are conducted in a known way.
  • We identify risky areas/activities and monitor them in a way to reduce their impact on safety.

Our responsibility to the community

  • We organize university visits to our industries to promote the implementation of Quality, Safety and Environmental Systems.
  • We collaborate with universities to receive students for the completion of their Internship Programs.